Guest Information


While playing golf or using the practice facilities, everyone should be dressed in proper golf attire. Men's shirts may be either collared or mock necks and must be tucked in. Permissible ladies' fashions for the golf course include collared, sleeveless shirts and collarless shirts with sleeves.

Blue jeans and denim clothing are permitted in the club’s dining venues on adults, guests or children provided there are no visible rips, tears, frayed hems or excessive fading. Denim attire is not permitted on the golf course at any time. Tank tops, T-shirts halters, short shorts, cutoffs, jogging outfits, cargo pants/shorts or yoga pants are not permitted on the golf course or in dining or bar areas at any time.

Members are responsible for their guests' adherence to the Dress Policy. The General Manager, or his designee, may at any time deny the use of the facilities to members and/or guests who are inappropriately attired.

  • Golf Shoes with soft spikes are required on the golf course and practice areas. Members will be responsible for their guests' adherence to this policy. Please consult the Pro Shop for approved footwear. Please use the locker rooms to change your shoes.
  • The Men's and Ladies' Locker Rooms are maintained for use by Golfing members and their guests. Social members may use the locker rooms only on the days when they are permitted to golf. The changing of clothing and shoes is permitted in the locker rooms, not in the parking lots. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult while in the locker rooms. Proper cover-ups must be worn between the golf locker rooms and the Pool.
  • In keeping with the congenial personality of RVCC, we understand your need to be accessible while at the Club. For this reason, cell phones are not banned from Club property. However, cell phones must be set on vibrate mode so as not to ring while on Club property. The use of cell phones is prohibited in all active dining areas and permitted only in the parking lot, locker rooms, unoccupied Clubhouse rooms or outside the Clubhouse in an appropriate area so as not to disturb other Members and their guests. If a call is received on the golf course or at the tennis or pool areas, Members and their guests are asked to dispense with the call quickly to avoid disturbing those around them or slowing the pace of play.